Avoiding stretch marks

Magic or marketing?
Magic or marketing?

I’m not going to lie, I feel a bit unnerved about what being pregnant is doing/will do to my body. I quite like my body. It’s been useful over the past 30-odd years. I don’t think I’d put much thought or consideration into the effects of pregnancy until the hyperemesis started. It’s such a strange situation to suffer so badly from something but for that something to actually be a good thing. It’s odd to want something to continue even though it’s the worst thing that you’ve ever been put through in your life. A strange juxtaposition but, I think, a useful one at the beginning of the path to becoming a parent.

Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, stretch marks aren’t really that high on my agenda of shitty things about pregnancy and parenting. But they are somewhere on that list, and therefore worth talking about – so here we go.

Do I think that slathering myself in creams will stop me from getting stretch marks?


That’s the premise I’m starting with so please bear that in mind! I’ve done a bit of research around the subject and I am definitely of the opinion that each of us has skin that either is or isn’t predisposed to getting stretch marks.

That said: you can help yourself. I do believe that. Stretch marks occur when your body grows faster than the skin around it – meaning that it gets stretched and can break (this is not a technical definition). The more elastic your skin, the less likely this is to happen. But, also, the more supple and hydrated your skin is, the less likely this is to happen.

To help keep my skin oiled, hydrated and more likely to deal well with stretching, I’ve been using:

  1. Bio-Oil – it claims it is “highly effective in helping to maintain elasticity“.
  2. Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Cream – this doesn’t claim to specifically help stretch marks but my Mum is from the Pacific where everyone uses coconut oil to sort EVERYTHING (burns, stings, bad hair days etc) so I’m sold.

At the moment, I’m using the Bio-Oil on my waist/bump and the Palmer’s Coconut Oil on my boobs.

I also want to get Kokoso Baby Coconut Oil because I’ve heard rave reviews – yes, it’s just 100% coconut oil which I could pick up in Tesco for a tenth of the price but I’m sensitive to the methods they use to process, package and get the stuff to our door. The fact Kokoso is marketed for babies tells me that they are likely to be hyper aware of this and hopefully would not allow nasties into their product.

I’ll do some before/after pics once bub comes although I don’t think this will prove/disprove anything about the efficacy of oils and creams in preventing stretch marks. All I can say is that moisturising your body is a Good Thing so, if you can be bothered, do it.

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