Awesome jeans for mums to be!

Maternity jeans of awesomeness
Maternity jeans of awesomeness

Back at work! Second time this week. It’s so liberating to get back to ‘normal life’. To stave off the nausea, I’ve been eating carrots all day, which is slightly less normal but hey ho.

I also asked my husband out on a ‘date’ this evening as it’s my first time being in London on a Friday for a super long time. We’re going to go for a drink and some nibbles. I’m so excited! I get to do normal, fun things like normal, fun people do.

I have another maternity item of clothing that I want to rave about: these amazing jeans from Asos Maternity. I bought a few things from Asos so will discuss these in more detail but I feel the need to highlight these jeans (this post is in no way sponsored, I just love them THAT MUCH). They are SO soft and comfortable that I tried them on yesterday at home and ended up wearing them all day, instead of changing back into my jogging pants like I’d usually do. They’re under the bump (currently not a fan of anything over the bump) with a really soft jersey waistband which is stretchy and very comfortable. They are marked as ‘skinny’ on Asos but they aren’t super skinny like the vast majority of ‘skinny jeans’ are – they don’t stick to your legs like they’re trying to suffocate them. I’m 5’4” and they are slightly too long for me but I’ve just turned them up and they look quite cool (Mr Bug complimented me on them!).

I will definitely be wearing these after I give birth because they’re so comfy! I’ve sent the link to my sister-in-law and told her to get them as they’re better than normal jeans. They’re slightly more expensive than H&M but cheaper than the rubbish pair I bought in TopShop so bargainous in my opinion.

I’m usually an 8-10 and I bought these in 10 and they fit comfortably.

Happy Friday, everyone!

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Work and maternity workwear

A very quick post today because it’s my FIRST day back in the office since I got sick with Hyperemesis.


Well, it feels very much like success even though I only managed to make it in at 11:30am. Baby steps and all that. It was lovely to do my normal commute and fall back into a routine which I’ve missed without realising I missed it.

Being back in the office is nice; being able to see people, have chats, catch up on all the gossip I’ve missed. I have a half hour train commute followed by a trip on the tube, which was a bit difficult but I managed it. I feel ALMOST normal!

Mothercare Ponte Zip Maternity Leggings
Mothercare Ponte Zip Maternity Leggings

Today, I’m wearing these awesome black Maternity leggings from Blooming Marvelous / Mothercare. I wouldn’t actually call them leggings as they’re a lot thicker and are more like trousers – definitely work appropriate, which was my Big Thing. They are SUPER soft and elasticated at the top – they also have a cute zip detail at the bottom which I really like. I’ve been wearing them all day and they are so comfortable! I don’t think the photos on Mothercare do them justice, they’re very flattering and also the right length for the ‘average’ women (they fit me and I’m 5’4″ but I think they would fit women up to 5’7″ at a push).

I’m thrilled with these as I bought a pair of TopShop maternity jeans and didn’t get on with them at all. The legs were far too tight but the elasticated waist band was too loose and kept falling down. I had to hitch them up so often that my hands were quite sore by the end of the day!

Now to find a skirt that I like…

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