Baby signing and new kitchens!

We’ve decided to have our kitchen replaced. It all started because our tap is leaking so we decided to replace it. But it’s a deliciously gorgeous brown 80s colour which matches our sink, so we would have had to replace the whole sink. Given that faff, and given the general naff 80s-ness of the entire kitchen, we decided to go whole hog and replace the entire thing. Our plan at the moment is to start the works when I start maternity leave so I can ‘project manage’ it as much as required. That should also give us enough time for the inevitable delays.

It’s risky; Bug may come early but what’s life without a little risk?! Above is a pic of the colour/style we’ve decided to go for. I can’t wait for a brand new kitchen and all its clever storage ideas and solutions!

Baby signing
One of my best friends has a one year old baby and she practices baby signing with her. I had never heard of this so I’ve been looking into it a bit more, and I’m intrigued! According to, a baby’s “understanding of language and ability to make gestures” develop much faster than his/her ability to speak – so they can use gestures to express themselves before they can talk. My friend says it really helps her bub to not get too frustrated – obviously it’s all pretty simple stuff but she’s able to communicate if she wants more food, is too hot or cold etc.

I somehow doubt it will negate tantrums completely (HAH) but it does sound like a sensible way of helping a child to express themselves before they can talk. I think my hubby and I are going to try it when our baby comes along and see what we think.


It’s the end of another week and I’m about to hit 30 weeks, which feels like a real milestone. I’ve also agreed the start date of my maternity leave with work, so I now have six more working weeks to go. I made the decision to go with the doctor’s advice and stop at 36 weeks. I’ve found myself really slowing down and feeling a lot more cumbersome over the past couple of weeks so I’m happy with my choice now. It does mean that it’s creeping up very fast!

Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂