Project: Decorate the nursery (3)


Project Nursery 2.0

Project Decorate the Nursery has come on apace since the last update! Which is good because Project Grow a Baby has come on apace too, and we now have just over 5 weeks until Due Date.

We painted the walls the lovely F&B Cornforth White, which I now want to splash all over the house just because it’s lovely and relaxing. We went to Ikea and had a bit of a mammoth furniture buy but I’m really happy with what we ended up with and how the room looks. So, below, is a list of what we went for.

Gulliver Changing Table in white – I wasn’t sure about a changing table. I mean, why not just a chest of drawers? But, actually, at £65 this not only looks pretty awesome, it’s also totally bargainous. We also got some really cute baskets from my brother and sister in law for Christmas which we can now use on the changing table shelves – you can see these better in the photo below.

Bookcase and changing table fun

Bookcase – We went into Ikea full expecting to get a Billy Bookcase, as are 90% of the world I imagine, but we ended up with this one. I’m not sure if it’s Billy because I can’t find it online but I love the square box shelves. If I can find a link to it online I will come back and update.


We have some totally cute book ends that we got from my mother in law (the penguins) and my cousin (the pineapple), as well as Olaf, which I bought because, well, why not?


Chest of drawers from MALM – I wanted the biggest chest of drawers I could find that would fit this space, so ta-da. My other main criteria, apart from size, was that the drawers opened and shut really easily – I know that may sound DUH OBVS but, actually, I’ve come across quite a few chest of drawers that are pricey AND YET you have to really whack them shut. Which I hate.


Cot and snuzpod – I’ve talked about our Rachel cotbed (John Lewis) before which I love. Apologies, I didn’t take a proper pic of it because we’ve shoved all of the furniture boxes on there so it’s less than ideal for instagramming.

The other thing Rob finished making yesterday was the snuzpod, which I’m super excited about. It’s chunkier than I thought it would be, which isn’t a bad thing. Once we’ve sorted our room out and baby appears then obviously it’ll be in with us. I’m not going to lie, it’s expensive, much more so than a simple moses basket, but I love sleeping and would totally represent the UK if it was an Olympic sport, so am willing to throw money at anything that could help make sleeping with a newborn easier.

Vinyl lettering / transfers – Rob has fallen in love with these things, so we’ve got two in Bug’s room: one of a very adorable looking giraffe (see pic above) and the other of a  hashed Napoleon quote. I actually love them both.


I’m really excited by the Nursery and it is now my favourite room in the house. This may change in three weeks when, hopefully, our new kitchen will be in place but, for the moment, it’s all about the nursery. We’ve got a few more soft furnishings to buy, as well as a small sofa that turns into a bed, also from Ikea. It’s £95 though! Much better than the sofabed/chair thing I was eyeing up for £499.

I think the most expensive buy in the nursery was the Snuzpod but, since that won’t actually BE in the nursery, it’s officially the cot at around £160. Everything else was £100 or less. All hail for Ikea.

my petit canard

Project: Decorate the nursery (2)

An update from my previous post about decorating our nursery in prep for Bug’s arrival!

IMG_7269 (1)

We painted (Rob painted, I made tea) the room Farrow & Ball Cornforth White, which I absolutely love. It’s a really lovely, warm colour (my amateur photos do not do it justice) and, also, smells lovely! Random, but true.

All that is left for Rob to do is paint the doors and radiators. Then we can start putting the furniture in. So far, we have the Rachel Cotbed, which we bought from John Lewis.


I’m still sold on getting a day bed in there but Rob isn’t sure. Our plan is to get a chest of drawers, changing table and bookcase and then assess the space. It’s quite a large room but I don’t want it to look overcrowded.

In other related news, I think we have narrowed down a name for Baby Bug. We actually have two – one preferred – and will meet him before absolutely finalising it. Very exciting and also, omg choosing baby names is HARD.

Couple more pics below of the nursery:


6 weeks of work to go for me!


Baby signing and new kitchens!

We’ve decided to have our kitchen replaced. It all started because our tap is leaking so we decided to replace it. But it’s a deliciously gorgeous brown 80s colour which matches our sink, so we would have had to replace the whole sink. Given that faff, and given the general naff 80s-ness of the entire kitchen, we decided to go whole hog and replace the entire thing. Our plan at the moment is to start the works when I start maternity leave so I can ‘project manage’ it as much as required. That should also give us enough time for the inevitable delays.

It’s risky; Bug may come early but what’s life without a little risk?! Above is a pic of the colour/style we’ve decided to go for. I can’t wait for a brand new kitchen and all its clever storage ideas and solutions!

Baby signing
One of my best friends has a one year old baby and she practices baby signing with her. I had never heard of this so I’ve been looking into it a bit more, and I’m intrigued! According to, a baby’s “understanding of language and ability to make gestures” develop much faster than his/her ability to speak – so they can use gestures to express themselves before they can talk. My friend says it really helps her bub to not get too frustrated – obviously it’s all pretty simple stuff but she’s able to communicate if she wants more food, is too hot or cold etc.

I somehow doubt it will negate tantrums completely (HAH) but it does sound like a sensible way of helping a child to express themselves before they can talk. I think my hubby and I are going to try it when our baby comes along and see what we think.


It’s the end of another week and I’m about to hit 30 weeks, which feels like a real milestone. I’ve also agreed the start date of my maternity leave with work, so I now have six more working weeks to go. I made the decision to go with the doctor’s advice and stop at 36 weeks. I’ve found myself really slowing down and feeling a lot more cumbersome over the past couple of weeks so I’m happy with my choice now. It does mean that it’s creeping up very fast!

Happy Friday, everyone. 🙂

Project: Decorate the nursery (1)

Hello! It’s been a while since I updated because life has been super hectic and I’ve also been a bit ill – fabulous combination.

We (read: my husband) have emptied out the room next to ours, which will become the nursery. We used it as a spare room so had to dismantle the bed and get rid of all the paraphernalia (we don’t have a utility room so it had become the ironing space, strewn with crumpled clothes).

IMG_7268 (1)
Empty nursery! View from doorway

It’s quite a good sized room so I think it’s going to fit everything I want which includes:

IMG_7269 (1)
View from t’other side

The room has a built-in wardrobe, which is handy and my aim is to fit either the changing table or a chest of drawers next to this and behind the door. As to where everything else will go, I have no clue.

We’ve decided to go for the Farrow & Ball Cornforth White (which is actually grey, confusingly) for the walls and a matte white for the doors etc. Husby is going to get onto painting those this weekend – although he has got his annual boys night out with school friends on Saturday so I’m doubtful that he’ll get much done on Sunday.

I also want some little Ikea shelves on the walls, mainly so I can hang my Studio Sappor felt name bunting from it, when I buy it. The shelves and the bunting are all gleefully stolen ideas from the awesome Rock My Family blog. This does remind me, however, that we have to start thinking properly about a name for this little guy because Bug just isn’t going to cut it.

Watch this space for progress pics.