Keanu at 11 weeks

My baby boy is now 11 weeks old. I’ve noticed that time doesn’t move quite like it used to. These 11 weeks have gone by in a second and yet I can’t quite remember life without the little one here. My Mum, who has been here for most of the past 11 weeks, has now gone home so I’m finally doing this parenting thing on my own. 

I’m getting the hang of things. Someone once told me the first six weeks are really hard and every day after that gets better. That’s definitely been my experience. Everything has become easier – I feel like I understand what KP wants now, I can distinguish between his different cries. He is sleeping better. Oh and the feeding. We are breastfeeding and it’s working and I feel confident doing it. But I’m now no longer surprised that breastfeeding numbers are low – because it’s HARD. Even when it’s easy, it’s hard. But that’s a blog post for another day.

How baby is doing

Keanu is now 66cm and a hefty 14.5lbs. He loves balloons and light fixtures and our red cushions. He loves having a bath but detests being made to get out. He can tantrum for Britain. He’s discovered he can suck his thumb and loves lavishing lots of attention on it. He likes sleeping on people. He hates having a wet nappy and will wriggle and complain until it’s replaced (and will usually immediately make the new one wet and/or dirty!). He loves to smile. He loves talking and making noises and blabbers away to himself for most of the day. Even if he is mid tantrum he will momentarily stop if you stand him up – he loves that sh*t.

In the past week, he has taken to rolling over onto his side. He now enjoys it when I blow raspberries on his tummy (this took him a while, the first few times earned me a confused stare). He also loves it when I snort at him.

He has his second round of jabs next week. Oh help.

How I’m doing

11 weeks post-partum sounds like quite a lot but I still don’t feel exactly “normal”. I’m 2 kilos over my pre-pregnancy weight but haven’t been actively trying to get back into shape. I have started Pilates but now need to find a baby friendly class as my babysitter (my mum) isn’t around. I’m planning to try and get out walking with him every day. 

I’ve realised how important and useful it is to have family and/or friends near you once you have kids. We aren’t, as a society, that well set up to help new mums because the reality is that it really does that a village to raise a child. And when your village is full of people who you only sort of recognise through bleary eyes on the 07:36 into London Waterloo then they aren’t going to be much help. Some people do still live near their friends and family but, in my experience, those people are the lucky exceptions, not the rule. I want to go back to work after my year of maternity leave is up but I want to leave my precious little bundle with people that love him and that I can trust. That’s hard. 

I’m very stressed right now because tomorrow there will be a referendum that could, if it goes the wrong way, forever change my relationship with this country that I love. I am both European and British and I want to remain that way. I want my son Keanu to grow up thinking big, thinking outward, thinking together and different is much better than similar and apart. 

The European Union (as it is now) was created as the most incredible peace project that this world has ever seen. After decades of tearing itself apart, this continent decided to become so economically interlinked that it could never go to war with itself again. The EU is not perfect, but its objective is something so wonderful and so pure, and even more relevant in this century of war, displacement and terrorism. For that alone, I’m voting In. If you have a vote, please make sure you cast it tomorrow.