Project: Decorate the nursery (2)

An update from my previous post about decorating our nursery in prep for Bug’s arrival!

IMG_7269 (1)

We painted (Rob painted, I made tea) the room Farrow & Ball Cornforth White, which I absolutely love. It’s a really lovely, warm colour (my amateur photos do not do it justice) and, also, smells lovely! Random, but true.

All that is left for Rob to do is paint the doors and radiators. Then we can start putting the furniture in. So far, we have the Rachel Cotbed, which we bought from John Lewis.


I’m still sold on getting a day bed in there but Rob isn’t sure. Our plan is to get a chest of drawers, changing table and bookcase and then assess the space. It’s quite a large room but I don’t want it to look overcrowded.

In other related news, I think we have narrowed down a name for Baby Bug. We actually have two – one preferred – and will meet him before absolutely finalising it. Very exciting and also, omg choosing baby names is HARD.

Couple more pics below of the nursery:


6 weeks of work to go for me!



3 thoughts on “Project: Decorate the nursery (2)

  1. Choosing baby names IS hard…so much responsibility! A day bed sounds quite sensible…to be honest if i had to arrange my child’s bedroom again there would be his cot of course and a bed or mattress for the nights when he wouldn’t let us leave the room!


    1. littlebug

      Thank you, this is what I keep telling my hubby about the bed! He wants to get some sort of pull out thing but I know, at 2am, I’m not going to want to drag it out of wherever we store it and make it up. May have to convince him. 😉

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