Project: Decorate the nursery (1)

Hello! It’s been a while since I updated because life has been super hectic and I’ve also been a bit ill – fabulous combination.

We (read: my husband) have emptied out the room next to ours, which will become the nursery. We used it as a spare room so had to dismantle the bed and get rid of all the paraphernalia (we don’t have a utility room so it had become the ironing space, strewn with crumpled clothes).

IMG_7268 (1)
Empty nursery! View from doorway

It’s quite a good sized room so I think it’s going to fit everything I want which includes:

IMG_7269 (1)
View from t’other side

The room has a built-in wardrobe, which is handy and my aim is to fit either the changing table or a chest of drawers next to this and behind the door. As to where everything else will go, I have no clue.

We’ve decided to go for the Farrow & Ball Cornforth White (which is actually grey, confusingly) for the walls and a matte white for the doors etc. Husby is going to get onto painting those this weekend – although he has got his annual boys night out with school friends on Saturday so I’m doubtful that he’ll get much done on Sunday.

I also want some little Ikea shelves on the walls, mainly so I can hang my Studio Sappor felt name bunting from it, when I buy it. The shelves and the bunting are all gleefully stolen ideas from the awesome Rock My Family blog. This does remind me, however, that we have to start thinking properly about a name for this little guy because Bug just isn’t going to cut it.

Watch this space for progress pics.


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