Our 20 week scan!

20 weeks old!

I’m 20 weeks pregnant today, wohoo. Yesterday, we had our 20 week scan, which all went very well. Baby Bug was being a bit uncooperative and kept putting his hands over his face/above his head and moving *just* when the sonographer was trying to grab an image. Attaboy, a rebel from the start. We had to go for a little walk but, thankfully, the sonographer got everything she needed so we don’t have to go back. It was great seeing him on screen because he is finally starting to look like a human rather than a cute little alien.

I was pretty nervous going into the 20 week scan because this can be the point where parents-to-be can hear bad news. We aren’t special because we had the all-clear at this stage; we are just lucky. I took a moment, after the scan and with Mr Bug, to actively NOT take our good news for granted. I breathed a sigh of relief and thought about how I would have felt it we had heard something terrible. I really hope that doesn’t sound weird and morbid – I just wanted to be part of the ‘team’ for everyone who has ever suffered pregnancy loss. They were with me today.

Today, we’re off to see Mr Bug’s sister. She has a one year old boy and has kindly offered to give us a bunch of stuff that they no longer need. Then, tonight, Mr Bug wants to see the new Bond film in the cinema. I’ll be going for the popcorn. Have a fab weekend, everyone!

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