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My office
My office

It was with quite a lot of trepidation that I started this week. This WORK week. For the past 9 weeks, I’ve been signed off with hyperemesis and generally living in a world of pain, but, given my symptoms have lessened quite a bit, I thought it was time to try easing back into the world of work again.

My company have been really great and very understanding. They agreed that a phased return made more sense and so we agreed that I would start by working from home and just doing afternoons. My worst times are usually mornings and late evenings so this suited me.

Our study is on the top of our house’s three floors and I’m not quite up to doing that trek every day, so Husband brought our large computer screen, which I’ve linked up to my work laptop, into the dining room. I’ve got lots of natural light (which you can’t very well see in my awful iPhone photo, sorry) from the double doors out to the garden as well as both the kitchen (for food) and toilet (for vomming) within easy reach. I’ve also got my trusty tupperware box for when the toilet isn’t quite reachable!

So far, it’s been difficult but manageable:

  • Not having to commute the hour into London on the train and tube is an absolute godsend.
  • Vomming and feeling nauseous are really personal things and I’m SO glad I’ve got my own space where I can do/feel both without others watching.
  • Working from home means quite a lot of phone calls. This can be tough when my nausea is bad as opening my mouth/throat can make things worse.
  • I’m still getting tired really quickly. A couple of hours in front of a screen and I feel like a need a lie down. So far, I have avoided that – although both yesterday and the day before, I went straight upstairs and had an hour nap at 5:45pm.

I’m hoping I can continue to keep this up so fingers crossed!


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