It’s a boy!

Baby Bug at 16 weeks
Baby Bug at 16 weeks

On Saturday, we had an appointment at Babybond in Ashford for a gender scan. I could (should) have waited but being stuck at home sick means I don’t have much else to think about, so I have been desperate to find out!

Babybond was great, the Sonographer was very patient and took lots of time showing us all the various parts (head, feet, stomach, bladder etc). Baby Bug was quite wriggly which was brilliant to see on screen. So we are 100% sure we are having a boy! Very exciting. I was pretty sure it was going to be a boy but I was basing that on zero actual evidence so it was nice to have confirmation.

We stopped by a Mothercare and picked up a blue sleep suit to surprise our families with as we had kept the scan a secret. Of course, one of the first questions was, “What name will you pick?”. Why are boy names so much harder to choose than girl names? Also, why is my husband so picky about boy names? He keeps calling Baby Bug Hercules and I’m hoping it’s a joke.


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