4 things I bought (when I found out I was pregnant)

The title should actually read “4 things I bought when I found out I was pregnant and past the worst of the HG and thus able to function like an actual human being again” but, meh, wordy. That was at around 15 weeks. Mr Bug and I ventured out to Mothercare, which is a pretty scary place to those only newly introduced to the worlds of pregnancy and parenting. Mr Bug walked around muttering “I am overwhelmed”.

I bought quite an eclectic range of things but I quite like them so thought it was worth the quick share.

20151006 AngelSounds - Fetal Heart Detector

  1. AngelSounds Fetal Heart Detector – this can take a while to learn to use but it’s quite fun once you manage to locate the baby heartbeat! £20.99 on Amazon.20151006 Blooming Marvellous - Maternity Mini Briefs
  2. Blooming Marvellous Knickers – I don’t have a massive bump yet but I thought I’d grab some of these from Mothercare as we were there. They’re soft and nice to wear – will revisit this once the bump grows!20151006 Mothercare - Newborn Bodysuit
  3. Newborn sleepsuit – this caused Mr Bug’s first moment of panic as they had different sizes! Spot the total newbies. We are planning to find out the sex but I HATE the whole gender colour pink/blue crap so, as much as possible, will be buying unisex outfits for Baby Bug. This one was particularly cute and £10.20151006 Dorling Kindersley- The Day-by-Day Pregnancy Book
  4. The Day-by-day pregnancy book, Maggie Blott – I wanted to get some sort of reference book and this one had the best Amazon reviews. It’s hefty, crammed full of information, has great graphics and photos and a useful index.

That’s all we have bought so far! I’m not sure if we are ahead or behind the curve but I was feeling quite smug with my Mothercare bag. Will update with any new purchases.


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