Joys of pregnancy – 15 weeks (first post!)

I’m 15+3 today and I’m thrilled to say that I’m a survivor of Hyperemesis Gravidarum. HG is an extreme version of morning sickness that can last for weeks (although doctors say symptoms should subside at the end of the first trimester; they say this encouragingly as if vomiting non-stop for three months isn’t that long). My symptoms started around week 6, were bad from week 8 and started to subside around week 14. It’s like having the worst hangover ever coupled with food poisoning but it doesn’t stop no matter how many times you puke your guts out. It’s extremely isolating and depressing, and I only coped with the support of my awesome husband, mum and family (as well as some online support: see below).

What made HG much, much harder was how unhelpful people are about it. Women are just expected to cope; to be happy they are pregnant; to DEAL with it. I asked a nurse at my local health centre about medication and she snapped back with “Haven’t you heard of thalidomide?”. So, not only are women suffering this debilitating condition but they are made to feel guilty for asking for help.

In fact: there is medication that women can take for HG. I urge anyone who is suffering to get help. There are different options and you have to try what is best for you – I found the Pregnancy Sickness Support website really helpful. There is also a Mumsnet chat forum on Hyperemesis Support; this has been a total lifeline during my most depressed, isolated hours. There are women on there who are currently suffering and women who have suffered and stick around to offer advice and support to others. It’s brilliant; and so nice to know you aren’t the only one.

A lot of people have said to me “Let’s hope you can start enjoying your pregnancy soon” but, actually, I don’t care about enjoying my pregnancy. I don’t NEED to enjoy it; I just need to get through it with a baby at the end – that’s the end goal. Women should not feel pressure to experience a certain type of pregnancy; if it’s shitty and horrible then grin and bear your way through the 9 months and laugh and say “Thank god that’s over!” when it’s done. It doesn’t define you as a woman, mother or person.

I’m going to use this blog to get my thoughts down on paper: the mundane, the funny, the crap, the painful, the memorable. I’m also hoping it’ll be a practical help to other expectant mums.

The journey starts here (well it started 15 weeks ago but I couldn’t vom and type so, effectively, it starts here).


6 thoughts on “Joys of pregnancy – 15 weeks (first post!)

  1. toldbymum

    Oh I’m sorry that you have had such a rough time. I had constant nausea for about 4 months with the twins but was rarely actually ill. You poor thing. All romantic notions of a ‘blooming’ pregnancy went out the window with me too. Just one problem after another! I’m def not a poster girl for pregancy either!

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    1. littlebug

      Twins, how completely lovely! Haha I think we really need to debunk this idea that women are meant to “bloom” through pregnancy…we are just meant to get through it. 😉 We aren’t posted girls, we’re the cool rebels at the back of the class. Thanks for your comment!x


  2. My sister suffered with this and because she doesn’t live near me and we chat a lot by text I didn’t really understand how bad it was at the beginning. Then my mum went to visit and insisted she go to the dr, she ended up in hospital on a drip because she was severely dehydrated, that’s when I knew it wasn’t just normal morning sickness (which sucks too!). It sounds horrible and I hope that its gone for good! xo


    1. littlebug

      Hi! Your poor sister, I hope she wasn’t in hospital for too long – I was in once for dehydration but I know some women who end up there for weeks – horrific! I’m 20 weeks now and still throwing up on the odd morning / dealing with nausea but it’s NOTHING like it was so I’m very grateful for that. I’m gonna get baby to start making me tea asap as payment for what I’ve been through haha. Thank you for stopping by. 🙂


  3. Hi Kate, thanks for linking up your post on your experience with HG. It’s so eye opening to hear what it’s actually like first hand. All I could think when I was reading it, was you poor thing, so I was also glad to read that you’ve recovered from it! Hopefully this helps other HG sufferers and gives them some comfort that they aren’t the only ones :-). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays, hope to have you back next week! Emily


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